Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Brush with Happiness

While DH was preparing the turkey/brine bath, I was in the basement.  Painting. 
Turns out I have a love-hate relationship with most kinds of commitments, obligations and promises, ESPECIALLY if they are "only" to myself.  (I'm great and reliable when it comes to fulfilling promises as well as others' expectations.)

So when Lisa Daria Kennedy and Carol Marine combined forces I found myself persuaded that DAILY painting would be a good thing.  I did okay for four days.  Four!

But immediately after that I began dragging my heels, making excuses, gnashing my teeth and generally being avoidant AND miserable.

What's up with THAT?  Let me just say that you are never too old for introspection, or therapy, or changing how you think about things.  I had taken a break from the pressure I felt about EVERY day, and returned to my easel with enthusiasm, fresh eyes, a new roll of paper towels and new ideas.

 I fiddled around with some semi-satisfactory paintings.  (Thanks Paula Mingolelli for helping me add more seasonal indicators and re-grading the landscape a little.  This photo doesn't quite show the sky the way I want it... but then, maybe neither does the paint!  Best thing about oil paint is the infinite re-does.)
 My Chilly Kitties are coming along. Pretty primitive, but they just make me happy with all that texture and palette knife craziness.

I increased the contrast between fall color and trees and twigs that had already dropped their leaves.  I'm still green with envy wondering how Wolf Kahn would do this, but it's better than the old version!

Challenged myself with a harder still life set up and was pretty happy with the result. 
I hardly ended up with a photographic representation (which hadn't been my goal in the first place), but I'm pleased with the color relationships, the shininess of the Clementines and the glassiness of the glass (even though I don't think the actual glass was quite as cock-eyed as the painted one.

And I went through lots of my photograph references.  I have plans for several bigger works.  Watch out for sheep!  Barns!  Vistas! Allegories!.
I may be sorry I added cold wax on this... experimentation IS at least part of what the creative arts are all about! If it works as planned you'll hardly know there was any purple involved!

And I have ideas for several series of paintings.
And I got to listen to several very very Faborite CD's that have been hiding in the basement.  No heavy metal for me!
There's a Hippo in the Bathtub by Anne Murray.   
Can We Go Home Now by The Roches
Tribute to Vince Guaraldi which must be out of print.  But you could get the idea here.
It's great to keep accumulating MORE reasons to be thankful.
Hope you have plenty, too, dear reader.

It's beginning to look a lot like TURKEY!

After the many exhortations by Chris Kimball (America's Test Kitchen guru) about the benefits of brining your turkey, DH decided to give it a whirl.  DH forgot the part about putting it in a beer cooler to begin with and making the brine in IT, adding the turkey and leaving it in the basement.

 Hence, The Bird is in our largest soup/stock pot AND displaced lots of stuff in the refrigerator that had expired or should have been discarded anyway.

 When the turkey is cooked, we'll have lots of room in here for pies and side dishes.  Although few or our casserole dishes are MADE for stacking.

I already made one "load" of pumpkin pies.  Libby's much KNOW that nobody wants just one, because their big can makes two.  Oh, and I usually double the spices they call for.  Maybe my taste buds are worn out, but I LOVE cinnamon, cloves and ginger!!

 In case we get munchies before the turkey is done we have plenty of alternatives, and no, NH has NOT legalized pot.  We just love carbs!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Change of Seasons at George Marshall Store Gallery

Lisa Noonis:  Blue Berries
After the hours I spent "curating" my visit to the Unraveled exhibit in York, I'm just going to post the pictures I took at the Change of Seasons Show down the road.  This show will be up all winter while Ms. Harding scouts new talent. 

There is a list of all the artists on the GMSG web page HERE .  On many of the photos, you can double click to "original" size in order to read the label. Now I feel remiss in enjoying the show rather than really documenting it.  Well, it will be up through Spring, so maybe you can go see it in person!

 In the meantime, get inspired, enjoy, and make art!

There's almost always something "tasty" just as you enter the storm door!

Grant Drummler:  Swimming Cove

Kate Emlin:  Aouze

Madeleine Hopkins:  Winter Sun

Jenny Potter Scheu:  Summer Tapestry

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Encaustic!  Just one piece, but definitely different.
Arthur DiMambro:  Room With a View

Lisa Noonis:  City on the River

Louis Bourne:  Island Badminton

Brett X. Gamache:  Fisherman Rowing and Gulls
Lisa Noonis: Harbor Beach
Lisa Noonis
These are gouache... applied, I think, as if they were oils.  Small but strong works.

Madeleine Hopkins
 The painting below uses all the crazy colors I love.  Sort of a wild child! 

Ann Trainor Dominque:  Falling Toward Winter

 The painting below is actually watercolor on paper, then varnished.
 Watercolor and ink.  This was so different from everything else! Looked almost Japanese to me.

 This funny little painting looks just like one of Portland's Casco Bay  islands.  The jagged light line of the sun highlighting clouds is so primitive, but so "true"  just the same.
 Kathleen Galligan has the solo show on the lower level.  There were oils as well as pastels; landscapes as well as abstracts.